Title : Rising of Moon

Genre : Quater-view Action Rpg

Date : March 2012 ~ June 2012

- working as a main game programmer and game designer
- created main game mechanics of game play
- designed level concept and layout design
- set a timeschedule to manage project on time

- digging programming toolset and many tutorials to understand unity and c#

Dolbok’s Story (돌복이 이야기)

Title : DolkBok’s story
Genre : Super Hero Action
In early 20th century Korean Kingdom, a 15 yr old boy from a lowly
caste discovers a special ability to calculate all physical formulae
around him, but corrupt government officials try to thwart his efforts /
plan to assassinate him, he has to use his powers to become the
governor of that state. 
Link to Script and Detail of this story


J The Two Face

Title: J The Two Face

Genre : Mystery Thriller

Logline : In a modern metropolis island state, a detective who was doing her work smoothly well but her job is being messed since she met a guy, a famous and rich painter in the city with a reputation of playboy but seems hiding a dark secret. But only  the detective feels his dark secret.

Link to Character Concept ,Plots and Synopsis


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